• Find your Go-To Vape

    Due to their size and ease of use, vapes are often considered one of the most convenient and popular consumption methods for on the go cannabis users. There are various types of vapes to choose from! Which vape is the best fit for your lifestyle?
  • Money, Bragging Rights, and Mystery Gummies

    Introducing the 2020 Kanha Mystery Gummy - can you guess the flavor?
  • Movies to Watch High: Halloweed Edition

    It is the best time of the year for nightmares and spooky films! Even though many are fun to watch year-round, there’s no better time to enjoy them than high in October! We've got you covered with a list of the best Halloween movies to watch stoned!
  • Omura Heat-not-Burn FAQ

    Cannabis consumers of all kinds have sparked interest in Ganjarunner and Budee’s new category, Heat-Not-Burn. Leading the charge is Omura, designed to create an elevated, social experience.
  • Best Movies to Watch… Stoned!

    We asked, and you answered! Now presenting the best movies to watch when you’re high! Grab your bong, fill your bowl, heat your banger, pop an edible, or pour yourself a glass of stoney juice... ‘cause it’s movie night!
  • House of Saka: Infused Luxury

    House of Saka is crafted from grapes in select Napa Valley vineyards in California. It is formulated by breaking down cannabis oil into microscopic particles and infusing it into the beverage (and removing the alcohol) for a truly elevated experience.
  • The Difference Between THC and CBD

    THC makes you feel high and provides psychoactive effects, while CBD provides a less noticeable down to earth feeling of relaxation. What’s the real difference between the two substances? We’ll break it down for you.
  • The Perfect Cannabis Infused Mocktails

    There is nothing better than a cold drink on a hot day… Except for a cold cannabis-infused drink! Make your own rendition of your favorite cocktail with these cannabis-infused mocktail recipes.
  • Hiding Your Weed Stash

    We love to think everyone flaunts their amazing products after receiving a ganjarunner order, but understand not everyone in and around your household is as into mary jane as you. Plus, even though cannabis is legal in California, that doesn’t mean you should smell like a jar of flower.
  • Meet Omura. The new way to enjoy a social high

    Omura is a new Heat-Not-Burn vaporizer that uses pre-filled 100% whole Flowersticks for a perfectly balanced social high.