House of Saka: Infused Luxury

Ganjarunner at 02-08-2021 08:14 PM

If you’re looking to elevate your drinking experience, or searching for the latest and greatest cannabis beverage, you’ve come to the right place. Whether you’re new to cannabis beverages or new to House of Saka, set your expectations high because this cannabis infused luxury by House of Saka is next level. House of Saka is crafted from grapes in select Napa Valley vineyards in California. It is formulated by breaking down cannabis oil into microscopic particles and infusing it into the beverage (and removing the alcohol) for a truly elevated experience. Why microscopic? It’s all part of the luxury experience. The microscopic particles are what create a rapid onset high as they enter your system. You’ll consistently experience a predictable high 5 to 15 minutes after your first few sips. Ganjarunner has two delightful choices of House of Saka infused creations to choose from: House of Saka PINK and WHITE.

House of Saka PINK

House of Saka PINK contains subtle aromas of red fruit, honeysuckle and spring flora. You’ll taste fresh strawberry, elderflower and pink grapefruit with a citrus finish. The ganjarunner team's review of House of Saka PINK found that this beverage could almost be classified as dessert. The taste of PINK is comparable to a sweet juice with a bold fruit and deliciously tart flavor. The strong, sweet fruity flavor of PINK almost completely eliminates the taste of cannabis.

The ganjarunner team taste test of House of Saka PINK rated this beverage with the following:

House of Saka WHITE

House of Saka WHITE contains the fresh taste of ripe summer peach and apricot plus a warm toasty oak combined with rich buttery vanilla, tropical fruit flavors and a mild acidity. Is your mouth watering yet? The ganjarunner team's review of House of Saka WHITE noted that this beverage tastes like a traditional white more than other cannabis infused-beverages. House of Saka WHITE has an impressive balanced depth with muted hints of cannabis flavor. WHITE will add a refreshing light addition to your dinner, or a fun social aspect to your lunch!

The ganjarunner team taste test of House of Saka WHITE rated this beverage with the following:

Ganjarunner’s recommendations of when to pour a glass of House of Saka:

  • After work
  • After a workout
  • Before bed
  • During a romantic comedy
  • Pair it with your lunch
  • When your spouse had a long day
  • When you’ve had a long day
  • For a bath
  • At a dinner party
  • While listening to a podcast
  • While listening to ganjarunner’s House of Saka Spotify playlist