Hiding Your Weed Stash

Ganjarunner at 02-08-2021 08:05 PM

We love to think everyone flaunts their amazing products after receiving a ganjarunner order, but understand not everyone in and around your household is as into mary jane as you. Plus, even though cannabis is legal in California, that doesn’t mean you should smell like a jar of flower. Some products are very potent, and others look like candy - that can be confusing (always read labels). Whether you’re looking for a place to hide it from kids, pets, friends, your judgmental aunt, or your dabbing granny, here are some ideas to get the juices flowing in your own space for hiding spots.

Note: Not all of these spots are right for everyone. As much as we have tested the below clever ways, some may not prevent the distinct weed smell from leaking into the area you’ve hidden the stash. Good luck!

1. Underwear Drawer

What a classic spot. Who hasn’t hid something in their underwear drawer once in their life? We love this spot because it’s comfortable, easy to remember, and you go in it every day (we hope). What better way to start the day than a reminder of your fat stash :)

2.  Decoy Products

You can find just about any diversion product online including cost-effective water bottles, hairbrushes, books, and other toiletries. Easily hide smaller cannabis products like a whole flower or vape pens. Many of these products have a secret false top, so you can place your weed inside and lose the smell. Tip: Vapes are easy to stash in a toiletry or makeup bag - they look like an eyeliner pen!

3. Tall Bookshelf

If you’re trying to keep it hidden AND out of reach, we recommend finding one of your tallest furniture pieces and stashing there. This way, it is out of reach of small children, teenagers, and dogs.

4. Old Deodorant Stick

Next time you’re running low on deodorant - don’t throw it out! Take out the plastic and deodorant residue, clean it, and use it to hide your stash! You can keep it in a bathroom drawer and not have to worry about the smell.

5. A Safe

One of the more obvious ones. We’ve tried it and it works well if you’re really trying to keep it away from others in your household. Tip: hide it in a diversion product to keep the smell from invading the safe. You could also buy a small safe and designate it as the “stash safe,” keeping all your products in one place.

6. Outside

For those of you who don’t want it in the house, try leaving it somewhere safe in the garage or a landmark around your yard where you know it will be safe.

7. Baked Goods

If you’re looking to disguise it quickly, you can always put it in a batch of cookies, brownies, banana bread and many other cannabis recipes. Tip: Measure your dose and have fun :)

8. Try new products

Ganjarunner has a few products that can easily be hidden in plain sight. We carry cannabis-infused beverages you can store in a wine fridge or cooler, edibles that could easily be put in a medicine cabinet, and tinctures/topicals you could leave in your bathroom. The best part is, they don’t have the weed smell.

Source: https://www.amazon.com/Jssmst-Diversion-Combination-Secrect-SMBS020/dp/B07H8ZLD9Q/ref=sr_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=diversion+book+safe&qid=1594325916&sr=8-3