Meet Omura. The new way to enjoy a social high

Ganjarunner at 02-08-2021 08:03 PM

Omura is a new Heat-Not-Burn vaporizer that uses pre-filled 100% whole Flowersticks for a perfectly balanced social high.

No burn, just heat

Heat-not-burn technology is a new innovation at the forefront of the whole flower cannabis industry. The cannabis flower category has been dominated by combustion based consumption methods for decades, until now! By eliminating the need to burn the cannabis flower Omura has created the first of its kind. The cleanest and easiest way to consume cannabis flower.

How does Heat-not-burn technology work?

Heat-not-burn technology works by placing the flower into a chamber and then heating (not burning) it! Omura uses sticks as a chamber to heat the flower. In traditional methods the flower must touch the heat source to be vaporized and consumed, Omura works differently in that it uses a sophisticated convection oven and air bath system to heat the flower. Omura’s convection oven and air bath system never require the flower to touch a heat source, instead warm air is produced in the oven and pulled through the flower stick to heat the flower. This eliminates burning, harsh taste, and smoke which is typically found in conduction heating devices.

Whole flower requires various temperatures to activate the THC and CBD cannabinoids. Temperatures in excess of 550°F generate smoke containing harmful chemicals. Most heat-not-burn devices go through a range of temperatures from around 250°F to up to 430°F. This helps maintain a smoke-free experience and significantly reduces the exposure to harmful chemicals. The convection oven system for Omura helps create minimal smell and vapor. As the heat curve goes through the lower temperatures, it heats up the terpenes where you get the flavor and the THC and CBD cannabinoids burn at higher temperatures all together delivering the ‘Entourage Effect’.  A test by SC Labs in Southern California found that the Omura Series 1 vaporizes 94% of all cannabinoids.

Looking for more information? Check out our video and learn how to use the Omura Device.

What are you waiting for? Try your new social high.