Omura Heat-not-Burn FAQ

Ganjarunner at 02-08-2021 08:19 PM

Cannabis consumers of all kinds have sparked interest in Ganjarunner and Budee’s new category, Heat-Not-Burn. Leading the charge is Omura, designed to create an elevated, social experience. Omura’s patented technology precisely grinds the cannabis & hemp rich in CBD to pack the flower as a Porous Plug. This keeps the flower intact while creating a smooth airflow with minimal resistance for consistent sessions. The process of grinding and filling flower sticks also helps maintain the integrity of the flower by minimizing the oxidation to the plant from the outside environment. Learn more about how you can experience the social high and try a new category in cannabis.

  • How much flower is in a pack of flower sticks? Each THC flower stick is packed with 0.167g of flower per stick. Each pack of THC flower sticks contains 2.0g of flower.
  • Will I taste the flower more than using traditional combustion products? Yes! The Omura device activates terpenes without charing the plant putting the flavors at the forefront. Experience flower like never before!
  • What brands of flower sticks are available from Ganjarunner? TSO Sonoma, Humboldt’s Finest, Sweetwater Pharms, and Cannamsterdam.
  • Does the flower contain trim? Never!
  • How can I dispose of the flower sticks after my session has ended? The flower sticks are made of biodegradable certified rainforest safe paper! After they have cooled down, flower sticks can be composted.
  • Can I smoke the flower sticks like a blunt or pre-roll? No! The flower sticks are not created to be burned and are only intended to be used by placing them in the Omura device and exposed to heat, not flames.
  • How long does one session last? Each session lasts for 3 minutes! The countdown begins when the 3 LED lights on the device are laminated. The LED lights will countdown until your session is over illuminating two lights when two minutes remain in your session, one light when one minute remains in your session, and will turn off completely once your session has ended.
  • Can I use part of a flower stick and save the rest for later? No. One flower stick can be used per 3-minute session and must be disposed of after use.
  • How can I tell if my Omura device is charged? Press the button on your Omura device and the LED lights will indicate the power level remaining in your device.
  • How do I charge my Omura device? The device comes with a charging cord that plugs into the bottom of the Omura device. The device must charge for 2 hours for a full charge.
  • How can I control the heat setting on my Omura device? The Omura device does not require controlled heat settings due to Omura’s proprietary heat curve technology which regulates the perfect temperature between 250°F to 430°F for your entire session.
  • Does using the Omura device reduce my exposure to harmful chemicals? Yes! The smoke-free experience significantly reduces your exposure to harmful chemicals.
  • Where can I purchase an Omura device and flower sticks? Check out the color selection of devices and stock up on flower sticks on ganjarunner.com or budee.org