Big Tree

Pre Game | 1g Preroll

21.8 % THC
$14for 1 g
Get ready to ignite your pre-game energy with Pre Game a sativa strain, the high-octane strain that fuels your focus and fires up your motivation. This invigorating sativa blend is the result of carefully selected genetics, combining the uplifting qualities of Lemon Haze and Super Silver Haze. With its bright green buds and fiery orange pistils, Pre Game Sativa catches the eye and sets the stage for an electrifying experience. As you take in its exhilarating aroma of zesty citrus and hints of spice, your senses awaken, preparing you for the game ahead. One hit of Pre Game and you'll feel an instant surge of energy and mental clarity. This strain propels you forward, sharpening your concentration and boosting your motivation to tackle any challenge that comes your way. It's the perfect companion to fuel your pre-game rituals and get you in the zone. Whether you're an athlete gearing up for competition, an artist preparing for a performance, or anyone seeking a burst of uplifting energy, Pre Game sativa is your go-to strain. Embrace its energizing effects and let it be the spark that propels you to greatness. Game on!
Prop 65 Warning
Big Tree, spent hundreds of hours researching the perfect flower to kief ratio for our premium sungrown kief infused pre-rolls. This is to provide you with the most potent, flavorful smoke and that smooth, even burn with every puff.