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Berry Patch | 1oz Flower from Big Tree
Big TreeBerry Patch | 1oz Flower
27.6 % THC0.07 % CBD
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$1351 oz
Immerse yourself in the lush world of Berry Patch, a delightful indica strain that transports you to a whimsical garden of fruity delights. This captivating strain is a fusion of mouthwatering genetics, combining the delectable Blueberry and the legendary GDP (Granddaddy Purple). Prepare your senses for a fragrant symphony of sweet berries, where succulent blueberries and juicy grapes dance harmoniously with subtle undertones of earthiness. With each inhalation, the aroma of Berry Patch envelops you, transporting you to a realm of fruity indulgence. As the velvety smoke swirls in your lungs, Berry Patch's indica nature takes hold, embracing you in a gentle, comforting embrace. A wave of relaxation sweeps through your body, soothing muscles and inviting a sense of tranquility. Let go of the day's stresses as the strain's calming effects unfold. Berry Patch not only soothes the body but also nourishes the mind. It inspires a gentle introspection and encourages a peaceful state of contemplation. Lose yourself in the moment, as creative thoughts flow freely and imagination takes flight. For those seeking a strain that combines indulgent flavors, deep relaxation, and a touch of creative inspiration, Berry Patch is the perfect companion. Explore the enchanting garden of this indica delight and let its sweet embrace transport you to a world of pure bliss.