West Coast Cure

Mango Haze | 1g premium Cartridges

89.58 % THC0.3 % CBD
$50for 1 g
Are you looking for something that will boost your energy and uplift you spirit but at the same time will relax your mind? This strain is for you. Mango Haze is a three-way cross of Haze, Skunk #1, and Northern Lights #5. Consumers enjoy this strain for its refreshing tropical flavor and odor. It has a mix of citrus and mango flavor. Mango haze effect is powerful yet will make you feel relax. It will also deliver a feeling of happiness and energy along with an uplifted, focused, and euphoric state.
Prop 65 Warning
High-potency and highly effective, our Premium THC CUREpen Cartridges offer a convenient way to unwind from the modern grind. With a variety of strains to choose from, you can conveniently blow off a little steam in more places where traditional smoking is not tolerated.