Sativa | 1g Preroll from Reveur
ReveurSativa | 1g Preroll
28.43 % THC
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$141 g
Introducing Sativa, where the energy soars and inspiration thrives! This vibrant strain is a burst of creativity, lifting you up with a natural high that sets your spirit free. Sativa, with its tall and radiant grace, unlocks your mind's potential at a rapid pace. Feel the haze dissipate, as focus and clarity dominate, while its flavors tantalize and captivate. From zesty bursts to tropical delights, Sativa ignites your senses like neon lights. Embrace the day, let worries sway, and bask in the glow of Sativa's ray. Sativa, the strain that sparks your drive and keeps your dreams alive.
Indica | 1g Preroll from Reveur
ReveurIndica | 1g Preroll
28.91 % THC
Scheduled delivery
$141 g
Introducing Indica Strain, where relaxation takes flight and stress takes a hike! This remarkable strain is Mother Nature's gift, bringing calmness and tranquility with a single lift. Indica, with buds so plush and dense, delivers a body high that's pure suspense. Feel the tension melt away, as worries fade to gray, while its flavors dance and play. From earthy delights to sweet fruit in sight, Indica is a sensory delight. So let go of stress, embrace deep rest, and enter a realm where relaxation is best. Indica, the strain that soothes your soul and leaves you in a state of blissful control.
Hybrid | 1g Preroll from Reveur
ReveurHybrid | 1g Preroll
30.2 % THC
Scheduled delivery
$141 g
Introducing the Hybrid, where the best of indica and sativa intertwine to create a cannabis symphony that's truly divine! This magical blend of nature's artistry unites the uplifting energy of sativa with the calming embrace of indica, striking a chord that's just right for your mind and body. With flavors that dance on your tongue and effects that soar to new heights, Hybrid Harmony is the key to unlocking a world of balance and delight. So embrace the harmony, let your spirit soar, and discover the perfect fusion in every toke – this is where the magic of hybrids truly takes center stage!