Brite Labs

Velvet Lushers | 1g Live Resin Cart

89.06 % THC
$60for 1 g
Velvet Lushers offers a sweet, floral, and berry musk that will remind you of berry candy. The high that you feel is reminiscent of the name- smooth and memorable. The calming nature combines nicely with the tranquil feeling of bliss. The potent buds create a sense of relief that creates a sense of overwhelming peace and freedom of the mind. This creative strain will had you feeling a cosmic freedom with nice notes of a euphoric uplifting.
Prop 65 Warning
Extracted from fresh cannabis plants, Live Resin offers the most terpene-forward, flavorful and aromatic vape experience possible. Brite Live Resin is made from 100% cannabis, and brings you closer to flower than ever before.