Tso Sonoma

We believe in cannabis that elevates your health and invokes connection with your world. TSO Sonoma merges organic sun-grown flower, artful design, and inviting community—for a more modern, sophisticated cannabis experience. For the connoisseurs and the curious, our products invite a profound new way of looking at not only the plant but holistic wellness itself.
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Tso Sonoma | TSO Grounded | ACDC
Tso SonomaTSO Grounded | ACDC
0.6 % THC16.5 % CBD
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$402 g
A sativa dominant, high-CBD strain, ACDC is great for first time users and offers a calming, balanced clarity. Provides a clear-headed high while helping with pain, anxiety, and stress.
Tso Sonoma | TSO Blissed | Lemon OG
Tso SonomaTSO Blissed | Lemon OG
11.9 % THC8.3 % CBD
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$402 g
Blissed is a balanced cultivar created with Lemon OG that helps with stress, appetite, and pain. It provides a euphoric, yet relaxed state, perfect for end-of-day.
Tso Sonoma | TSO Uplifted | Durban Poison
Tso SonomaTSO Uplifted | Durban Poison
15.3 % THC
Scheduled delivery
$402 g
TSO uplifted whole flower stick helps with productivity, creativity, and outdoor activities. This sativa dominant stick is filled with Durban and is uplifting and energizing, creating a state of clear, focused, euphoria