Pacific Stone

From Our Family to You Pacific Stone is a labor of love from a group of friends and family in Southern California. We only sell what we grow. Nothing is outsourced. Pacific Stone cultivates, cures, and packages cannabis direct from our farm to you.
805 Glue | All-In-One Cartridge from Pacific Stone
Pacific Stone805 Glue | All-In-One Cartridge
66.5 % THC0.19 % CBD
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$601 g
The 805 Glue 1 gram All-In-One Full Spectrum Vaporizer contains a full gram of cured resin. Cured resin develops the most complex and matured flavors that accurately reflect the real experience of smoking our premium cured 805 Glue flower. Full-spectrum extracts are derived from a single source strain. This product is CANNABIS ONLY - no additives, modifiers, flavors, or non-cannabis "botanical" terpenes.