Monogram marks a new chapter in cannabis defined by dignity, care, and consistency. It is a collective effort to bring you the best, and a humble pursuit to discover what the best truly means. The Good Life, redefined.
2g | No.03 Medium from Monogram
Monogram2g | No.03 Medium
33.02 % THC
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$462 g
With initial aromas of sweet kush and mint, No. 03 invites you to step back and smell the flowers. Notes of grape, diesel and citrus lead into a powerful finish, encouraging you to take a hit, slow down, and enjoy the ride.
4g | No.01 Medium from Monogram
Monogram4g | No.01 Medium
28.45 % THC0.22 % CBD
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$804 g
A cerebral strain to help chill, focus, and confidently tackle obstacles in your path. Complex with a sweet, herby smell upfront that transitions to a skunky finish.