We create cannabis products that are approachable, simple, transparent, and the perfect complement to any good time. With a variety of on-the-go consumption methods available for consumers to enjoy, we encourage our consumers to go out and seek their next adventure — with Island in tow.
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Island | OG Drift
IslandOG Drift
19.7 THC
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$451/8 oz
Go along for the ride with an Island OG Drift Classic. This earth and fuel-flavored indica will inspire your next road trip destination. Known for being a long-lasting hard-hitter, this potent strain carries slightly spicy aromatic notes and contains a caryophilene and limonene dominant terpene profile.
Island | Fruit Cart
IslandFruit Cart
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$451/8 oz
Float away with a sweet and fruity Island Fruit Cart Classic. Bursting with flavors of citrus, earth, and fruit rinds. Make this delectable, easy-to-enjoy strain the perfect go-to for a sociable midday break in your day. Fruit Cart's smooth, tropical burst contains alpha pinene, limonene and camphene dominant terpenes for a fruity profile.
Island | Citrus Wave
IslandCitrus Wave
21.79 THC0.08 CBD
Scheduled delivery
$451/8 oz
Citrus Wave, Island’s sweet and sour sativa, which is perfect for a bright day out in the Golden State. With aromatic notes of lemon and orange, this uplifting strain is sure to welcome a powerfully happy mind and body experience. Citrus Wave is from lemon and tangie dominant families with limonene and pinene dominant terpenes. No trim, no shake, no blends. Only all natural, triple-tested, single-strain, whole flower California cannabis.