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Alien OG from Caliva
CalivaAlien OG
26.73 % THC
Scheduled delivery
$551/8 oz
Caliva heritage Alien OG is an indoor-grown indica cultivar meticulously crafted with care and refined over years by the award-winning Caliva Cultivation team. Potency perfected, the resulting flower is a heavy-hitting cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Alongside its revered relaxation, earthy pine and citrus notes deliver a psychedelic, cerebral buzz that has kept fans coming back year after year.
Lemon Daze from Caliva
CalivaLemon Daze
28.66 % THC
Scheduled delivery
$551/8 oz
Caliva Lemon Daze is a potent indoor-grown sativa cultivar. Meticulously crafted with care, this chatty cross of Clementine x OZ Kush’s jack-like profile will loosen your lips and dip your nose in lemon candy, poppin’ pine and crisp orange undertones. Savor every pull from this smooth and creamy smoke.