Yummi Karma

High Gorgeous | Wild Thing Body Lotion

300 mg THC200 mg CBD
$38for 3.4 oz
Feeling tamed by sore muscles or dry, dull skin? Try our luxurious coconut-scented body lotion and release your inner Wild Thing with the benefits of cannabis combined with a super-hydrating blend of vitamins and plant extracts. Now let the world hear you roar! This body lotion is similar to Coconut Vibes, but with even more cannabinoids. 500mg total cannabinoids (200mg THC, 100mg THCa, 200mg CBD).
Take control of your overall body health with our infused lineup of luxurious products. Popular for people with skin conditions, targeted topical pain or inflammation, and as part of a daily CBD regimen. As an all-women company, we know how important it is to trust your beauty brand. We create consistent, safe, and fun products that you can count on – without parabens, soy, or sulfates. They are always cruelty-free and infused with the best botanicals and herbs on the market. Our cremes continue to win awards because they look, feel, and smell like the ones in big beauty chains, except the cannabinoids (THC + CBD) help them work more effectively. Our High CBD drops are an industry favorite and bursting with natural flavors. Find out why infused beauty is better!