Yerba Buena

CBD Kush

10.86 % THC14.3 % CBD
$36for 1/8 oz
Yerba Buena's CBD Kush is a high CBD cultivar featuring a mild ratio of THC. It is a unique cross between The White and the infamous CBD varietal, Charlotte's Web. It provides a slight psychoactive effect providing great bodily relaxation as well as a pacifying effect to the mind. The mind effects are still fairly clear and don't provide much of a "stony" effect -- just clear-minded relief. This is a great effect for any time of day when you are looking for a functional yet soothing high. β-Caryophyllene | β-Myrcene | Limonene Yerba Buena is an award-winning cultivator of cannabis. They are Certified Kind and Clean Green Certified, speaking to their truly conscientious practices and organic quality of their bud. They utilize bio-active soil rich with micronutrients that is locally produced to their specifications and recycled. They also practice natural pest management. It's this and more that sets Yerba Buena flower apart from the rest for a truly good herb.