Willamette Valley Alchemy

Divine Storm LLR

0.7 mg THC
$38for 1/2 g
The Divine Storm is a strong strain – it kicked in after a few minutes, leading with body led relaxation and a notable uplift. This strain could make a good analgesic, but the consumer may wish to smoke it in the afternoon or the evening, as first thing in the morning may prove quite inebriating. “Liquid Live Resin”or LLR, is WVA’s signature product that is “Live Resin” in a liquid form. This amazingly potent and aromatic extract is most commonly found in Ccell cartridges and Pax Pods. WVA uses a proprietary processing method to achieve this beautiful, translucent, Live Resin that flows like water. This product contains ONLY pure cannabis extract -- never any additives, fillers, or added terpenes.
Prop 65 Warning