Tinley '27 Cinnamon Cask

32.9 mg THC
$20for 1 unit
Inspired by the fiery southern USA bar standard, the Cinnamon Cask is perfectly sharp and spicy. Crafted with Cinnamon extract, premium Emerald Triangle-grown cannabis, smoky essence, and distilled botanicals. The Cinnamon Cask is warm and wild. Mix with your favorite soda, cider, tea, on top of dessert, or serve on the rocks.
2727 BC marks the world’s first recorded use of medical cannabis. Now over 4,000 years later, Tinley™ ’27 offers a collection of non-alcoholic cannabis-infused elixirs crafted for the contemporary cannabis connoisseur, inspired by legendary adult beverages. Each multi-serve bottle provides over 8 micro-dose servings of premium Pineapple Jack Sativa, with a fast-onset and full-flower experience. Enjoy these familiar flavors straight up, on the rocks, or in your favorite blended creation. Only 10 calories and less than 2g of sugar per serving