OG Kush | 0.5g Premium Pod

90.11 % THC0.22 % CBD
$35for 1/2 g
OG Kush creates a euphoric head high that builds with each hit and leaves a light buzz of relaxation in the body. Its makes an ideal choice when you want to relax but stay awake. Hop on the sofa, settle in, and get ready to binge your favorite shows with this easygoing high. WARNING: LAB TEST RESULTS CAN VARY FROM BATCH TO BATCH BY AS MUCH AS +/-%15.
Prop 65 Warning
STIIIZY's next-generation delivery system offers a convenient, portable, and discreet experience. STIIIZY cannabis oil starts with premium top-shelf cannabis flower, and is them extracted and inserted into a proprietary, one-click pods. * Requires STIIIZY Brand Vape Battery (not included).