Platinum Vape

Green Dream l 0.5g Cartridge

82.89 % THC
$35for 1/2 g
Green Dream is a well-respected Sativa dominant hybrid that appeals to the masses for its THC content. Consumers will notice a shift in their thinking as they come up with many conversation topics while also uplifting their moods and relaxing the body. Many will enjoy its pungent musk and earthy smell with citrus undertones. It tastes like lemon and sweet fruits.
Prop 65 Warning
Platinum Vape cartridges only use the best ingredients nature has to offer. Their farming partners extract top quality cannabis oil from a pesticide-free, high-potency harvest of the finest cannabis flowers. Both our testing and sustainability practices are taken very seriously and we pride ourselves on the safety and quality of our cartridges. You think you are high? Our production standards are higher!