Pacific Stone

Sunset Sherbet | All-In-One Cartridge

72.5 % THC0.19 % CBD
$60for 1 g
The Sunset Sherbet 1 gram All-In-One Full Spectrum Vaporizer contains a full gram of cured resin. Cured resin develops the most complex and matured flavors that accurately reflect the real experience of smoking our premium cured Forbidden Fruit flower. Full-spectrum extracts are derived from a single source strain. This product is CANNABIS ONLY - no additives, modifiers, flavors, or non-cannabis "botanical" terpenes.1g Rechargeable All-In-One Disposable Cartridge
These disposable vaporizers come charged and ready to use! While not necessary, they can also be recharged as desired with a standard micro USB to ensure that you will always have sufficient battery power for the strength of the draws you prefer and for the entire duration of the 1 full gram of cured resin inside.