Neutron Genetics

Martian Pie | Shatter

67.58 % THC0.15 % CBD
$35for 1 g
Martian Pie is just as sweet as the stuff we've got on earth: a super potent hybrid, its balanced effect brings on a euphoric-yet-relaxing vibe alongside its sugary flavor profile.
Starting with top quality indoor grown flower, we use a hydrocarbon extraction to bring you the purest, most highly potent and glassy concentrate on the market. We go to extreme lengths to preserve the stability of our shatter, from hand sourcing raw material, to examining each batch to ensure it has a glassy texture and clean smoke. Finally, our shatter is wrapped in clear FEP paper to preserve the terpenes. With a full spectrum cannabinoid profile and no additives, this shatter is sure to send you soaring through space and beyond.