Mids Factory

Space Cake | Cured Resin Sugar

85.38 % THC0.63 % CBD
$40for 1 g
Space Cake is an Indica-leaning hybrid strain and is a phenotype descended from the famed GSC Forum cut, crossed with Snow Lotus. True to its GSC lineage, the top reported aromas are creamy and sweet cookies. The top reported flavors are similarly sweet cookie flavors, with notes of fruit and berry. Cured Resin is made with cultivar-specific, activated distillate and terpenes extracted from high quality, cured flower using CO2 as a solvent. That’s a mouthful! Let’s break that down. Most vape formulas are made with a blend of trim or other plant byproducts. Using flower provides the fullest spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes.
Mids Factory is a San Francisco based company aimed at producing high quality and potent concentrates for the cannabis enthusiast at an affordable price. The only thing that's mids here is the price!