Mad Labs

Pink Runtz | 1g Cartridge

87.92 % THC0.17 % CBD
$50for 1 g
The high is a combination of cerebral and body buzz, with an immediate head rush followed by a deeply relaxing indica high. As its name suggests, it smells and tastes of oranges and other varieties of citrus. The high may be useful in treating anxiety and depression, but beyond that its potential uses are largely unexplored. Pink Runtz is known to be one of the strongest mad flavors.
Prop 65 Warning
1g Refined Cannabis Oil Cart. The purest & most flavorful cannabinoids broad-spectrum oil with high THC levels. It's uniquely designed airflow system provides unrivaled airflow. It's multi-channeled airflow design prevents oil leakage by capturing it in the inner chambers. With a stainless steel center-tube that is highly resistant to rust as well as heat.