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House Of Saka

House of Saka draws its inspiration from the legend of the Saka, an ancient tribe of female warriors said to have conquered the world and all they desired and for whom wine infused with Cannabis was at the center of their rituals and rites of passage. House of Saka was established with a mission to bring the Saka’s cannabis infused wine tradition into the modern age.Award-winning House of Saka PINK is the first and only infused beverage made from Pinot Noir grapes picked at the peak of ripeness from select vineyards within California’s iconic Napa Valley. The grapes are traditionally fermented with minimal skin contact for optimal flavor and aroma extraction before the alcohol is gently removed and replaced with House of Saka’s proprietary THC:CBD formulation. Soft salmon in color with aromas of elderflower, ripe strawberry and orange blossom, Saka PINK offers complex sweet and sour flavors of pink grapefruit, green apple and lush, tropical fruit. With 5 mg of THC, and 1mg of CBD per 5oz serving, Saka offers a sensual, relaxing high with rapid onset and offset effects for a truly safe, predictable and social experience. Five servings per bottle. Nonalcoholic. Fewer than 16 calories per glass.
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