High Hemp

CBD Honey Pot Swirl Hemp Wraps

$4for 1 unit
* A single pack contains 2 hemp wraps and 2 tips * High Hemp Organic Hemp Wraps Honey Pot Swirl are the first of its kind! With a smooth sweet graham and honey substitute aroma, as you open the pouch, you'll quickly fall in love. Using only natural honey substitute flavoring, our wraps continue to be 100% Vegan! Roll up the sauce High Hemp Honey Pot Swirl.is one of their most creative flavors yet. With all-natural extracts, they have infused succulent splashes of lemon aroma..
Prop 65 Warning
High Hemp Co. is one of the first all organic herbal wrap companies who pride themselves on a cleaner, more flavorful smoke. We're breaking the trend of tobacco based products and creating better alternatives. We are High Hemp.