Tropicana Cookies | 1g Sugar

85.5 % THC
$35for 1 g
Tropicana Cookies is a flavorful and uplifting sativa-dominant hybrid strain that's perfect for those looking for a bright and energetic experience. This strain is a cross between the popular strains Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie, resulting in a potent and flavorful hybrid that's beloved by cannabis enthusiasts. Tropicana Cookies boasts a sweet and citrusy aroma that's reminiscent of its Tangie parent, with hints of earthy undertones and a subtle spicy finish. Its flavor is similarly sweet and citrusy, with notes of orange, lemon, and a subtle hint of vanilla on the exhale. As a sativa-dominant strain, Tropicana Cookies offers an uplifting and energizing high that's perfect for daytime use. Its effects can be felt throughout the body and mind, providing a burst of creativity, focus, and motivation. Some users may also experience a slight euphoric high that can help promote a positive and happy mood. It's also a great strain for those looking for a boost of energy and motivation without the heavy sedative effects of a pure indica strain. So if you're looking for a flavorful and uplifting strain that's perfect for daytime use, give Tropicana Cookies a try. Its bright and citrusy flavor and energizing effects are sure to leave you feeling focused, motivated, and ready to take on the day.
Prop 65 Warning
Consistent & Effective 1 Full Gram Jar Non CRC (color remediation column) Available in Multiple Strains