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Runtz Live Resin Pod

76.61 % THC
$60for 1/2 g
dosist x Bear Extracts is a limited edition liquid live resin pod containing 500mg of Runtz, a strain of the year fruity flavored hybrid with euphoric and uplifting effects. dosist x Bear Extracts collaboration which brings together dosist’s proprietary dose pen technology with Bear Extraction’s highest quality liquid true live resin for a rich, full-flavored elevated cannabis experience. The dosist pod is part of the dose pen rechargeable system and works exclusively with the dose controller battery (sold separately). Live resin is a type of cannabis concentrate that is produced using a unique technique—freshly harvested cannabis is frozen to a subcritical temperature prior to and throughout the extraction process, skipping the drying and curing phases. By freezing the plant immediately following harvest, the cannabis plant retains its valuable terpene profile, original flavor, and fragrance through the extraction process and into the final product.
Sun grown and flash frozen in Humboldt County, our liquid true live resin oil powered by Bear Extracts is delivered in our proprietary dose pen rechargeable.