Crop Circle Chocolate

Tally Mon Rosin Orange Yuzu Chocolate Truffles

49 mg THC
$20for 23.2 g
Two melt-away orange yuzu zest truffles, each infused with 25mg of Bo’s Nose Knows Solventless Rosin pressed from Ananda’s Tally Mon. BNK is some of the highest quality hash rosin on the market. They always uses the most efficient material from fully organic farms who focus immensely on curing and terpene preservation. In our experience, these truffles will have you high as a kite in no time. We have found Tally Mon to produce a happy hybrid high, great for getting you through the day, listening to your favorite Phish show, or playing your favorite video games. Crop Circle Chocolates are made with Organic, Fair Trade 62% dark chocolate from Peruvian and Dominican cacao. Owners Todd and Jeremiah are long-term cannabis activists and strain enthusiasts. Their original Crop Circle Chocolate recipe was born in the Fall of 2014 where they used kief product from medical gardens to make truffles for patients, friends, and family. Today they continue this hands-on, family-operated approach to farm-to-table craft edibles as the core of the Crop Circle product.
Prop 65 Warning