CLSICS is a premier California cannabis brand focused on producing state of the art full spectrum live rosin and rosin infused products. Handcrafted in San Diego, California by true connoisseurs; Ice, water, heat, pressure, and cannabis are the only ingredients used in our products which means that their products are completely free of any residual solvents typically present in hash made from butane or CO2 extraction. We believe that rosin is not only the apex of cannabis extraction, it’s also part of a natural lifestyle. Carefully crafted and perfectly pressed, the CLSICS process is designed to capture the true essence of every cultivar they select resulting in an unrivaled aromatic and flavorful experience.
Rosin Cart | Sour Double Mango from CLSICS
CLSICSRosin Cart | Sour Double Mango
63.62 % THC0.44 % CBD
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$751/2 g
Sour Double Mango is an even hybrid strain that boasts a tropical flavor and aroma of sweet rotten mangos and a diesel fuel on the back end.
Rosin Cart | Gorilla Walker from CLSICS
CLSICSRosin Cart | Gorilla Walker
58.43 % THC0.17 % CBD
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$751/2 g
Gorilla Walker cannabis strain is a hybrid strain. This particular strain of cannabis is quite a potent strain, and those who choose to use it receive quite a burst of euphoria and relaxation! The Gorilla Walker strain is the type of strain that might make you feel as though you are glued to your couch due to its potency. Its ability to make you feel so relaxed makes it a great choice for those who are suffering from different conditions. Flavor: is filled with earthy aromas and flavors, making it mild-tasting. Helps from conditions such as insomnia to treating depression. Stress relief and anxiety are also ideal conditions that can benefit from the strain.