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Berry Patch | 1/8th flower

39.1 % THC0.1 % CBD
$30for 1/8 oz
Berry Patch is a delicious and potent sativa-dominant hybrid strain that's perfect for those looking for a sweet and uplifting experience. This strain is a cross between the popular Blueberry and Sour Patch Kids strains, resulting in a hybrid that boasts a sweet and fruity aroma that's reminiscent of a freshly picked basket of berries. Its flavor is similarly fruity, with notes of blueberry and a subtle sour tang on the exhale. Berry Patch's effects are energizing and euphoric, making it a great choice for daytime use or for when you need a boost of creativity and productivity. Its sativa genetics provide a burst of mental energy and focus, while its indica genetics keep you calm and relaxed. So if you're looking for a sweet and uplifting strain that's perfect for daytime use, give Berry Patch a try. Its fruity flavor and energizing effects are sure to leave you feeling happy, inspired, and ready to take on the day.
Prop 65 Warning
1/8 oz sun grown cannabis flower | Quality being our first priority, every strain of our premium sun grown cannabis is always fresh. No matter the quantity you purchase, you will find the same quality experience every time.